Executive Protection

Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

CEOs and other members of the C-Suite are high-net-worth individuals and can also be famous to either a small or large degree.  This combination of wealth, power, and public exposure makes business executives a natural target for criminal behavior.  When you consider the value that executives represent to their companies, it makes sense to make sure their lives and business operations are well-protected.

Some of our Executive Security Services include:

  • Personalized threat assessment for top executives
  • 24/7 on-site security guard services for homes and businesses
  • Security escort during business trips and meetings
  • Close protection services during family vacations
  • Security consulting for special events
  • Personal network and communications security
  • Crisis management planning

Executive Security can provide additional peace of mind for leadership to achieve greater productivity in stress-free environments either while working in the Bay Area or traveling (domestic and international security services available).

Armed or unarmed protection is available and added upon request.
Canine services are available for all services and added upon request.