Residential Protection

Global Risk Solutions, Inc.

Residential security services include everything from gated driveways and high-tech locks to armed security patrols, utilizing the best security systems available, working in shifts. If you don’t want to allow unauthorized access to your home, there are ways to handle it.

Our security teams have experience with the latest home security features, including surveillance cameras, safe rooms, enterprise-level firewalls, and biometric entry – just to name a few.

Our residential security service offerings include:

  • Residential Threat Assessment Services
  • Residential Security – Party Security & other Event Security Services
  • Residential Security Patrols for Neighborhoods (Residential/Estate Security Patrols)
  • 24/7 On-Site Security Guard Services – Armed (Concealed) & Unarmed Security

Typically, high-net-worth individuals engage our Residential/Estate Security Services to gain peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones through real physical protection

Armed or unarmed protection is available and added upon request.
Canine services are available for all services and added upon request.